SEOToolSet® Version 5 has been Deprecated

SEOToolSet users are encouraged to upgrade to the all-new SEOToolSet 6. Version 5 has been deprecated as of May 31, 2015. Active users may still login through July, but will need to move their data over to SEOToolSet 6. Learn how to migrate your projects from Version 5 in the SEOToolSet 6 Upgrade Guide.

SEOToolSet®, is a collection of quality Search Engine Optimization software tools targeting all major components of a SEO optimization campaign. These tools are all available to Subscribers, and many are available in a free version to visitors. This product includes research tools, keyword density analyzers, ranking monitors, ranking report modules, link analysis, and more. Exceptionally robust and feature rich, this is one of the best tool collections on the market. If you intend to promote your own web site, then you MUST try our tools. "Search Engine Optimization without the best tools is like doing brain surgery with a hammer."

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